Eolsystem Stocklist

CSV Downloads for Stock Imports

This page provides direct links to CSV files used for automatic stock imports. These files are updated regularly to reflect the latest stock information, including part numbers, manufacturers, conditions, prices, quantities, descriptions, and associated images where available.

Download part-mfn-cond-price-qty-desc-id.csv URL Copied!
Download part-mfn-cond-price-qty-desc-id-img.csv URL Copied!
Download part-mfn-cond-price-qty-id.csv URL Copied!

How to Use CSV Imports

CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files can be imported into many systems to update or add stock items in bulk. To import these files:

  1. Download the desired CSV file.
  2. Log into your system's management interface.
  3. Navigate to the stock import section.
  4. Upload the CSV file following the on-screen instructions.

Please ensure that your system supports the format and structure of the downloaded CSV files. Consult your system's documentation for specific import instructions.

Direct URL Parsing

For advanced users or automated systems, the direct URLs of these CSV files can be parsed without manually downloading them. This can be useful for integrating stock updates into custom software solutions or automated workflows. Simply copy the URL using the provided "Copy URL" button and use it in your application or script as needed.